Cleveland Schools Football Association

"Stockton Schools District Football is an integral part of Cleveland Schools FA. It has a long and very successful history with notable successes (add some) and some fantastic servants to the association. As English Schools FA goes through its reform process I see Stockton playing a crucial role in the growth and expansion of schools football across the county. Stockton has always been a hotbed for producing outstanding players for both boys and girls county teams. The quality and breadth of football at grass roots, right through to representative football, is a credit to the association. Stockton has such a successful programme from primary through to secondary and higher education that it is a model that can be used as an exemplar for many to follow."


Simon Carey

Cleveland Schools FA Hon. Sec


Stockton Schools Sports Partnership

"The Stockton Schools Sport Partnership work in partnership with the Stockton District Football Association to offer wider opportunities in Football for young people of the borough to be able to represent their area in their chosen sport. The Stockton SSP are also an FA Girls' Football School Partnership and create a strategic partnership with families of schools that are committed to the growth and development of girls football.

At the Stockton Schools Sport Partnership, we believe that all young people should be encouraged to lead a healthy and active lifestyle and that it is important for all children to develop a lifelong enthusiasm for sport and physical activity.

Our aim is to create opportunities for children to develop their physical, social and emotional skills through experiencing high quality PE, competition and sports leadership. We will do this by offering a package of support to schools to:

  • Engage their students in regular activity to kick start healthy & active lifestyles

  • Increase the confidence, knowledge and skills of teachers and wider school staff in delivering PE & school sport

  • Access a broader experience of a range of sports and activities for all students

  • Encourage increased participation in competitive sport

  • Use sport as a tool for whole school improvement"

Emma Turnbull

Partnership Development Manager (Northfield Partnership)



English Schools Football Association

The English Schools’ FA (ESFA) is the national governing body for Schools football in England and delivers hundreds of competitions across the country, up to national levels to support the development of footballers in school age as well as hosting a 2 International teams; U15 for girls and U18 for boys. You can find more info on ESFA and it’s history here:

As a District, Stockton is a member of the ESFA through membership in Cleveland, the most local County. If you picture a pyramid, districts are our local competitions on the ground level, moving up to the county level and then up to nationally and internationally beyond that.

Every player within schools’ football has the opportunity to be a part of this and ESFA’s main goal is for all children to have access to the national game.